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From Surviving to Thriving with the Whole Life Nutrition approach
Balance your foods and eating the non-diet way for improved weight, energy and health.

Finesse your Stress: an innovative, powerful antidote to today's biggest mind-body "toxin."

Plug your energetic "leaks" for more vitality and productivity.

Get juicy with the "P" Nutrients: Passion, Purpose, Personal Values, Pleasure and Play.

Whole Life Nutrition
Simple Steps to Healthier Living

The Whole Life Nutrition principles rest on a single simple premise: you, as a human being, are an animal, and you have a body that is built to thrive in harmony with its habitat, the natural world.

If you don't have enough time to cook and eat real food, or get outside and move your body... if you don't even have the time to read this, the Whole Life Nutrition approach can help you.

The Whole Life Nutrition strategies or "power tools" can naturally restore your body and mind to a more balanced state of wellness and vibrancy:

The Whole Life Nutrition Toolbox

Food Quality: The quality of your food directly affects your health. Moving from "wrappers" to real food will help you look and feel better without even changing the kinds of meals you eat.

Food Quantity: Understanding how hunger works and how much fuel the human body actually needs at different ages and stages can help guide you to healthier meal sizes and natural portion control.

Nutrient Balance: Food can be broken down into five primary components called macro and micronutrients. Getting a healthy balance of those vital nutrients can release you from a whole host of imbalanced cravings that make it almost impossible to eat in a healthy way.

Seasonality: The foods that grow in each season are a natural tonic for the physical and emotional challenges that come with the changes of season.

Routine: Aligning the routines of your eating, sleeping, working and recreation with the natural cycles of the day can restore ease and vibrant energy to everything you do.

Mind and Emotional Balance: Working with your "trigger" thoughts and beliefs can help you stop stress before it starts. Once triggered, you can still learn to "ride the waves" of the stress response, or discharge the energy that gets "stuck" in your tissues (as in hypertension), freeing you from stress's harmful long-term effects.

Energy Balance: Identifying hidden energy drains can help you to "plug the leaks" and regain a new sense of vitality.

Lifestyle Balance: The "P" Nutrients of Passion, Purpose, Personal Values, Pleasure and Play can help you nourish your life on the deepest levels.

Top 4 Reasons to Book Whole Life Nutrition Programs

  1. The WLN approach is timeless, not trendy!
    The "power tool" strategies are based on the most fundamental, unchanging aspects of our bodies and minds and their relationship to the natural world.

  2. The WLN approach teaches simple practical lifestyle skills
    that anyone can utilize: "power tools for building a healthy lifestyle," "owner's manual for families," "therapeutic, but not therapy."

  3. This one holistic approach can help prevent
    a myriad of S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) lifestyle health problems.

    Some of the imbalances that can be caused by living a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) lifestyle include: overweight, high cholesterol, heartburn, tension headaches, metabolic syndrome, “white food” addictions, junk food habits, indigestion, burn out, sleep deprivation, fatty liver, reflux, overstimulation, low energy, the blood sugar roller coaster, poor fitness, busy mind, pms, seasonal ailments, low blood sugar, binge eating, allergies, food sensitivities, food cravings, caffeine addiction, nighttime binging...

  4. They Work:
    A sampling of lifestyle changes reported by participants of Whole Life Nutrition programs*:

    • Switching to whole foods

    • Eliminated or eating less sugar, using healthy alternative sweeteners

    • More aware of food choices that work for me

    • Slower eating, eating less, chewing food more

    • More relaxed and accepting of what comes my way

    • The practice of conscious eating has been the key to my portion control that I have been struggling with for years.

    • Decreasing salt intake 90%

    • Going to take yoga forever!

    • Finally walking!

    • Eating more veggies!

    • Becoming more patient with others.

    • Looking for long-term results rather than a quick fix

    • Cravings almost totally eliminated

    • Gained self-confidence

    • Off coffee

    • Lowered unhealthy fat consumption

    • Dropped over 100 cholesterol points

    • Stabilized my blood sugar

    • Got off my depression meds!

    • Eating smaller portions naturally

    • Cutting down on "white" stuff

    • Dining room meals

    • No longer eating after 8pm

    • Cut way back on red meat

    • Lowered fasting glucose levels!

    • Finally dropping the "diet" mentality

    • I came to the program with skepticism, and left with hope and belief — it's a program that offers more than I ever expected

    • Lost 40 pounds and still dropping...

    • I have developed a more wholesome diet and now feel comfortable shopping in the health food store.

    • Better at setting personal boundaries

    *Whole Life Nutrition programming is strictly educational. It is not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment. Holistic Health Counselors never diagnose or prescribe.

    All BFL reported clients' actions regarding medications or medical interventions were done on their own volition under a doctor or psychiatrist's care.

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