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Join us every third Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon (Eastern Time) for a free 30 minute "lifestyle training" teleclass...

We'll begin sign-up soon. Then you'll receive an email with instructions, the dial-in number and the password for the next available teleclass. Contact us to let us know what topics you'd be most interested in.

Teleclasses are a convenient, private and fun way to learn and practice simple, powerful tools for cultivating a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

From the WLN Toolbox: Practical everyday strategies for living a healthy, balanced and juicier life...
Quality * Quantity * Balance * Seasonality * Routine

Every month there will be a new "training" strategy to help you cultivate a juicy lifestyle:
  • Body Balance: practical tips for natural nutrition, seasonal eating, portion control, relaxation, sexuality and movement
  • Energy Balance: identifying thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that are draining your energy, and strategies for plugging the leaks
  • Mental/Emotional Balance: simple strategies for working with your mind and emotions to avoid the traps of chronic stress and anxiety
  • Lifestyle Balance: tips for supplementing with the "P" Nutrients (Passion, Purpose, Personal Values, Pleasure and Play) to nourish your life on the deepest levels

Sample topic: Understanding Stress

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