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Healthy, energetic employees are your company's best asset.
Strong motivated members move organizations forward. Show your team that health and wellness is a company priority.

Hire Jeannette to give your people the "power tools" they need to manage their stress and their weight, to get healthy and start on a path to richer, juicier living. See About Jeannette for more information about Jeannette's training, credentials and testimonials.

Target Audiences:
  • Corporations with an interest in wellness
  • Family-oriented or women-owned businesses
  • Health educators
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Teachers and parents
  • College students
  • Faith-based groups
  • Women's groups
Services with Results
  The Sobering Facts:

According to the Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization, death and disability from diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity have increased substantially over the last decade. These chronic illnesses are among the most costly and prevalent health problems in this country, and the numbers keep rising.

The real tragedy is that death and disability resulting from these chronic diseases, and sometimes the diseases themselves, are largely preventable with simple lifestyle changes.

  An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure:

According to the 2006 worldwide report Working Towards Wellness: Accelerating the Prevention of Chronic Disease*, companies lose an average of 2% of their workforce capital due to indirect costs of chronic disease. For some businesses, this cost amounts to more than the additional direct medical claim costs incurred.

In a recent 8 year study, Duke University researchers found that that the heaviest workers had twice the number of workers' compensation claims as their thinner co-workers**, indicating that overweight in particular can be a costly problem. In contrast, corporate wellness programs have been demonstrated to provide a 3–to–1 return on their investment.

*Prepared by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Health Research Inst. in collaboration with the World Economic Forum

Corporate Wellness Programs can:
  • Reduce indirect costs associated with sick day absenteeism and low performance quality resulting from working with chronic illness.

  • Reduce direct health care costs.

  • Improve employee productivity and quality of work.

  • Enhance company image by establishing a "culture of wellness" to both retain and attract vital employees.

Balance for Life provides a menu of unique and effective Whole Life Nutrition Worksite Wellness Programs

Motivational Education Formats:

  • On Site (or Satellite) Talks: Motivational educational talks on individual Whole Life Nutrition topics are available for businesses, corporations, hospitals, wellness centers, large fitness centers, faith-based and nonprofit organizations, colleges, conferences and conventions.

    Fee: $1,000 for up to 1.5 hours, $1500 for 1.5 to 3 hours

    Within New England: transportation included, outside New England: transportation extra.

    Reduced fees available for faith-based organizations and nonprofits.

  • Teleclasses: Whole Life Nutrition Work Site Wellness teleclasses or teleclass packages are available for your business or corporation. Teleclasses are a convenient and cost effective way to make health and wellness programming readily accessible to all of your employees, regardless of location.

    1 hour teleclass, password code enabled.

    Single Class: $500 for up to 100 attendants, $750 for up to 1,000 attendants
    Four Class Series: $1800 for up to 100 attendants, $2700 for up to 1,000 attendants

    Long-term or Ongoing Programming: Contact Balance for Life to discuss fee schedule.

  • On-Site Seminars or Programs: For the small organization (100 employees/members or fewer) a Whole Life Nutrition program or seminar/workshop may be the best choice. Combining on-site presentations, ongoing teleclasses, practical tools and materials, Jeannette will help the members of your organization make powerful, permanent lifestyle changes for improved health and vitality.

    Fee: Contact Balance for Life to discuss fee schedule.

  • Consulting: Health and wellness consulting is available for companies that are committed to establishing a "culture of wellness."

    Working together with your organization, Jeannette can help you to:

    • Upgrade your company's mission and operations to include health and wellness principles, policies and practices, and help to implement them.

    • Improve the nutritional content and balance of company food offerings (cafeterias, catered meals, meeting snacks, etc).

    Fee: $350 per hour, 2 hour minimum

    Reduced fees available for nonprofits and women-owned businesses

    Contact Balance for Life to book your service.

Whole Life Nutrition Worksite Wellness Programs Menu

From Surviving to Thriving

  • Body Balance (Nutrition and Exercise): Use the simple practical WLN "power tools" of quality, quantity, balance, seasonality and routine to "antidote" the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and low quality S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

  • Mind and Emotional Balance: Learn to Finesse your Stress with a unique and powerful (3-tiered) approach to freeing yourself from stress's deadly grip.

  • Energy Balance: Identify hidden energy drains and learn to "plug the leaks" for more vitality and productivity.

  • Lifestyle Balance: Examine the balance of your overall lifestyle and learn how to nourish it more deeply with the "P" Nutrients: Passion, Purpose, Personal Values, Pleasure and Play for a juicer and more fulfilling life.

Specialty Topics:
  • Top 10 WLN (Non-Diet!) Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss
  • Top 10 WLN Strategies for Naturally Boosting your Metabolism
  • Kick the "White Food" Habit & Get off the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster Forever!
  • Improve your Cholesterol Levels Naturally
  • "Spring Cleaning" to Detox your Body and Mind
  • Raising Healthy Children
  • Cultivating Healthy Habits as a Young Adult: Top 10 WLN Lifestyle Strategies


"This has been the most life changing experience I have ever had. Jeannette's sessions have been filled with life's most enriching lessons. She is a born teacher with so much delicious knowledge to share. Her soothing manner, humor, compassion and vast amounts of information make for the most wonderful classes on earth. I have learned so much about cooking, eating, exercising, and generally balancing my life without becoming overwhelmed. My family is now becoming more healthy. Whole life nutrition has truly become my lifestyle. Thank you!"

Eileen Teixiera — Obstetrics Nurse

"Jeannette makes clients and groups feel safe and unconditionally accepted. She inspires others through her sense of humor and deep knowing of what is needed for healing."

Barbara Yealland — Co-Leader of The Wave Work Fellowship

"Our recent "Ladies Only" company seminar was a wonderful venue for discussion about health and well-being. We benefited from Balance for Life's "Top Ten Tips" and the proactive approach recommended for achieving balance in our everyday lives. Led by the talented Jeannette Bessinger, this evening provided us with the opportunity to relax and refresh our spirit, and the positive results have been long lasting."

Angela Moore — Owner, Angela Moore Designs

"This course surpassed my expectations in the caliber of the instruction, the content and the energy with which it was run. Jeannette, you are a gifted teacher... patient and wise."

Lisa Lacey — Holistic Counselor

"I loved the lecture and left feeling both relaxed and energized. The information you offered was thoughtful and sound, but most of all useful! I immediately put to use some of the techniques I learned, benefiting not only me, but others around me. The depth of your knowledge in this area is, without a doubt, impressive and I appreciate the skill and joy with which you presented yourself. Your soothing and caring manner helped me to feel at ease and like I was a participant in a journey, rather than just sitting in a class. Thank you!"

Ray Cournoyer — Engineer

Comments from past participants of Whole Life Nutrition programs:

Classtime went by in the blink of an eye. It was chock full and brimming over with the most basic, simple, soothing, cutting edge, essential, and truthful information. So many times I thought, 'Wow, that's it, that's the reason — that's the truth!'

I can't say enough about the faculty! It is so obvious that Jeannette loves her work! She was so energizing and enthusiastic. I loved her lectures... so informative and helpful. She wasn't about chastising — she was about teaching. She was a very positive force and the keystone of what has made this program a success.

I'm sooooo happy with the results of my cholesterol drop, with the enhanced sense of vitality, and with having acquired the new tools and renewed motivation to encompass the dynamic of long-term weight stability and ever-creative nutritional enrichment. Thanks, Jeannette!!

I really feel that the "balance eating" guidelines have been the key to curbing my cravings and losing the weight.

My entire experience has been exceptional, life-changing...

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