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Jeannette is currently designing the meals and recipes for author Dr. Jonny Bowden's The Healthiest Meals on Earth: The Surprising Unbiased Truth about What Meals you Should Eat and Why the upcoming sequel to his The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

Healthiest Meals is due out in the Summer of 2008.

Meet Jeannette Bessinger . . .
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Author, award-winning motivational educator
And creator of the Whole Life Nutrition approach....

The depth and breadth of the WLN approach to wellness is unique.

In Whole Life Nutrition, Jeannette combines the best evidence-based allopathic strategies and the most powerful eastern tools in a highly effective approach to making permanent lifestyle change.

Dieting is old technology... it doesn't work. "Band-aid" approaches like a fad diet or a new piece of exercise equipment only address the symptoms of the deeper underlying imbalance, so they are doomed to failure. To create a thriving lifestyle, to make permanent changes in regular daily habits, a successful approach must address body, mind and spirit at the foundation.

Top 5 things you will get when you hire Jeannette:

  1. Results:
    The Whole Life Nutrition "power tool" strategies have been honed in a hospital setting. Participants practicing the strategies consistently over time have achieved results such as:

    • Rapid and significant total cholesterol reductions

    • Steady weight loss of .5 – 1lb per week

    • Reduction in waist measurement, averaging 1.5 – 2" in 6 wks (reducing the waistline is an evidence-based strategy for improving long-term health outcomes)

    • Lower fasting glucose levels

    • Decrease in body fat content

    Reported WLN program participant results:
    • Reduced cholesterol, diabetes, antidepressant meds

    • Reduced or stabilized blood pressure

    • Dropped dress/pant sizes

    • Significantly improved energy, "feeling better"

    • Significantly improved mobility and cardiac endurance

    • Body pain reduction

    • Cravings reduction

    • Improved digestion

    • Smoking cessation

    • Reduced or eliminated caffeine and/or alcohol consumption

    • Improved self-confidence

    • Eating more vegetables

    • Eating smaller portions "naturally"

    • Dropping "diet mentality"

    *Whole Life Nutrition programming is strictly educational. It is not meant to be or replace medical or psychological treatment. Holistic Health Counselors never diagnose or prescribe.

    All BFL reported clients' actions regarding medications or medical interventions were done on their own volition under a doctor or psychiatrist's care

    Interested? The hospital-based Whole Life Nutrition program currently runs in RI four times per year. If you are interested in participating, contact Jeannette for more information.

  2. Excellent customer satisfaction and low drop-out rates:
    Her programs continually achieve the highest program satisfaction ratings and powerful testimonials from participants. Her long-term lifestyle change programs have attrition rates of less than 7% (well below industry standards for typical weight loss programs).

  3. A highly skilled motivational educator:
    With nearly twenty years of experience as an educator, Jeannette teaches the audience, not the material. She is as comfortable and effective at communicating with low-income moms as executive moms, with medical clinicians as yoga teachers; she regularly speaks to faith-based congregations, businesses and holistic gatherings. Engaging, funny and inspirational, Jeannette builds bridges to better health that anyone can walk across.

  4. A published author:
    She recently co-authored Whole Life Nutrition: A Simple Approach to Nourishing America's Busy Families (Spring 2009 with Fair Winds Press) as a response to client requests for a simple effective "one stop shopping" resource for busy families trying to raise healthy kids in this pressured time. She is also co-author with Dr. Jonny Bowden of The Healthiest Meals on Earth The Surprising Unbiased Truth about What Meals You Should Eat and Why (Summer 2008 with Fair Winds Press), and author of Your Baby's Best Food, the first nutrition book in the Great Expectations Series (Fall 2009 with Sterling Press).

  5. A high level consultant:
    As acting consultant (healthy lifestyles expert) for a hospital-sponsored health initiatives coalition, Jeannette has supported schools and organizations in improving health and wellness policies and practices. As an investigator and lead strategist, she helped develop a city-wide intervention plan to address the complex problem of obesity with a RI Department of Health grant.


  • A graduate among the first class of women at Columbia College, Columbia University, Jeannette has pursued an extensive, multi-modal education in teaching, health and wellness that spans fifteen years.

  • After researching the most practical and effective strategies for creating total lifestyle health, she obtained certifications and registrations in three primary areas; body, mind/emotion, and spirit:
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor (graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Certified emotional integration coach (graduate of the Wave Work Institute)

Ordained and registered interfaith minister (graduate of the All Faiths Seminary International).

She also has specialized training in stress management, pain management and the psychology of eating and nutrition.

Professional Associations

Jeannette is a member in good standing of the:
American Association of Drugless Practitioners

World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy

International Massage Association

Personal Journey

As a very busy wife and mother of two fabulous children, Jeannette understands first hand how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle as a working parent.

With a personal history of autoimmune disease and diabetes, she knows how vital it is to put your health first on your priority list. Much of the depth and practical nature of Jeannette's material arises directly from her own efforts to meet the challenges of balancing health, family and a lively career.

What clients are saying about Balance For Life programs and working with Jeannette...

"This workshop exceeded any expectations I might have had. It is the best experience I have ever had here!"
Jennifer Clayton-Thomas — Operations Manager, Sailing Industry

"I felt so peaceful on my drive home. How reassuring to hear of the "technical" research that confirms the truths that many of us have come to learn through our own mind/body/spirit experiences. What you are teaching will be life altering for so many who are in pain..."
Pam Goff — Retired Realtor and Fitness Instructor

"This was the best and most informational workshop I have ever been to: the language was plain and simple, the information very well presented and explained, and the demonstrations were awesome! The hands-on experience was incredible, remarkable!"
Lisa Pate — Labor and Delivery Nurse

"Thanks to Jeannette and this workshop, my life is changed.... I am healing."
Ruby Alvarado — College Student

"Great fun!"
Cathy Calabrese — Emergency Room Intake

"Jeanette has helped me understand how eating relates to life and vice versa. The program is a tremendous help in dealing with personal issues surrounding my overeating and gives concrete suggestions to help make progress. I have tried many other ways to lose weight, and working with Jeanette has given me the foundation for how and why to achieve a healthy weight. I feel better now than I have in years, my eating habits are better, and I feel a great sense of hope about my future!"
Chris R. — Physician Assistant

Ready to sign up for one of Jeannette's Whole Life Nutrition services and start taking simple steps to healthier living? Click HERE to learn more about them.

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