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"This class was an incredible interactive learning experience.

Jeannette is a very beautiful person with a glorious outlook that is contagious. I could listen to her speak for hours!"

 — Pam Rooney, Nurse

 At Balance for Life, we understand
 high quality nutrition is key, but
 it takes more than a good diet to
 create vibrant health in these
 busy times.  The WLN "power
 tools" will help you
 get there without
 turning your

   The motivational WLN
   talks and classes will
   give your group the key
   strategies they need to
   lose weight, de-stress
   and get healthy!

 Each issue also features our
 innovative Mix and Match
 Cooking combos.

  Is your family eating out too much?
  Watching too much TV? Waistlines
  growing? Health suffering?

  Reclaim your health
  and your sanity!

Want to improve your weight? Your
health? Finesse your stress?

Each month we feature practical tools to
help you create a healthier, more vibrant

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